The location

A territory rich in natural beauty

Deviscio is perched on a magnificent natural terrace (600 m a.s.l.) overlooking the Lecco lake and surrounded by the impressive Pre-Alps “Orobie”, within the so-called “Lariano Triangle”.
The Lecco hills are stretching all around us, with their chestnut forests and the wildlife animals, such as deers, hares, foxes and badgers, who are regularly spotted from our farmhouse.

The natural wonder welcoming our guests is amazing, rich of unexpected views and ever-changing: it renews with the flow of the seasons, gaining each time some unique and precious features.

The Pre-Alps “Orobie”

The Pre-Alps “Orobie” are a subsection of the Lombardic Pre-Alps, representing their highest and broader part.

Some of the most representative peaks of this mountain range are just to be seen from Deviscio.


prized by climbers from all over the world


“With its line of pinnacles, making it indeed resemble a saw…”(A. Manzoni)


offering a magnificent panorama over the lakes of Annone, Garlate and Pusiano


Hosting the eponymous nature park


where you can find tracks suitable for any mountain lover


enjoy from here amazing views over the lake and the Adda river


famous alpinists like Walter Bonatti and Riccardo Cassin used to train on this climbing wall

Literature is at home here!

Nature is the master at Deviscio, however this extraordinary territory has also been the scenery for an unrivalled piece of world literature:

this is the novel “The Betrothed” (“I Promessi Sposi”) by Alessandro Manzoni (1785-1873).This world famous book is actually set in the Lecco region, where the author spent his childhood and youth.

“That branch of the Como Lake, which turns toward the south between two unbroken chains of mountains…” is its well-known incipit, and represents a love confession for this location, so dear to Manzoni.

We can therefore proudly state that this territory and this landscape were of inspiration for the birth of one of the most renowned masterpieces of the world literature.