Our story

Tradition and innovation going hand in hand

The Ferrari family established more than 40 years ago the Deviscio farmhouse, moved by a strong passion towards the breeding of cows.

At first the number of animals was limited and the structure was nothing more than a home barn, but soon the determination and foresight of the Ferrari brothers allowed the creation of a structure equipped with extremely advanced technologies for those years, such as a stable with automatic milking

together with selected cows, who earned many prices at renowned zootechnical competitions, like the Verona trade show.

In the early 2000s the rearing was suspended following certain business and family decisions, however Deviscio stayed manned and some of the activities persisted, such as the sale of timber and hay, and the breeding of some animals for domestic needs.

A new start, full of enthusiasm

Few years ago Franco together with his children, Chiara and Agostino, decided that it was time to revive Deviscio, seizing the opportunities that such an amazing place can offer.

After having explored few possibilities, they decided to renovate a cottage to be used as agritourism and tourist accommodation.

Then the goat rearing was launched, and the cheese production started, allowing to increase the added value of the milk production and at the same time to offer our guests zero kilometers dairy products of highest quality.

Today Deviscio is still a family-run farmhouse, extremely attentive to the quality of the products and to the well-being of the animals, but with an eye toward innovation, which is building block and part of its own nature.